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When it comes to listing and selling your home, we want exactly what you want. A quick sale for the best price that the market can offer. Right now is the best time to sell. At Lighthouse Properties, we employ the full spectrum of sales resources available to ensure that your home gets maximum exposure to the right audience.

Incredible photography, online marketplace syndication, social media, human marketing, and print media are only a few of the tools we have at our disposal to make sure that your listing goes far and wide.

We feature your property on national and regional online real estate portals and search engines. With over 95% of buyers finding their home online we are committed to ensuring that your home is part of the search

We partner with Zillow, HomeFinder,, Yahoo! Real Estate,, CityCribs,, HGTV’s FrontDoor, AOL Real Estate, and many more.

In addition to partner publishing, Lighthouse Properties includes your home in our neighborhood, zip code and property-specific RSS feeds subscribed to by thousands of Bay Area homebuyers.

With the massive proliferation of smartphones, mobile marketing has become a necessary tool for selling real estate. You can be assured that at Lighthouse Properties, we will take every measure to market your home and get is sold for the right price in the best time.

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